Dell 24 Inch PC Monitor SE2419Hx IPS Full HD (1920 x 1080) Monitor, Black


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Price: $220.37
(as of Jul 21,2022 21:44:35 UTC – Details)

23.8 inch thin-bezel monitor with a compact base that maximizes desk space. Brilliant from every angle with a design that shines. In order to troubleshoot horizontal or vertical lines on a monitor, the following steps are recommended: 1. Reset the monitor to Factory Settings (Factory Reset). 2. Perform monitor self-test feature check and determine if these lines are also observed in self-test mode. 3. Check for bent or broken pins in the video cable connector. If found, test with another video cable and determine if issue is still present. 4. Last, run the built-in diagnostics. 5. If lines are observed after all of these steps and during the built-in diagnostics.
Thin bezel
1920 x 1080 at 60 hertz full HD maximum resolution
16:9 aspect ratio
Compact base to maximize desk space. Display Position Adjustments: Not Available
1000:1 contrast ratio. Brightness: 250 Candela per square meter (TYP)
60 hertz